Mari-juana (zoxlover817) wrote in 0_betterthanyou,


Name: Marijuana
Age: 17
Location: Rhode Island

Store: i like thrift shops
Color: blue
Celeb: John Zox
Food: veggie pizza
Music artist/group: Zox, Sublime, RxBandits, Bad Larry
Car: anything that goes
Vacation spot: Poland... where my loverz at

Gay marriage: Gay marriage should be legal.  America is all about how every one is equal and how we all have our freedom but then what?  People of the same sex cant get married?  thats bullshit.
War: Im a pacifist.  War dosent get you anywhere except dead and in debt.  When your little they teach you in school that violence is not the anwser and then the country goes and bombs someone.
Eating Disorders: You cant help an eating disorder.  It takes over your mind.  I used to be anorexic and I couldnt help it.  You cant just get better.
Suicide: Depression is a dark dark road.  It is so difficult to understand how one can fall so far.  I've been there and I dont even totally understand.  I dont know what more to say about it except sometime death seems like the only anwser... you just gotta find that hope inside of you.

Please post atleast 3 photos of yourself. Make sure they're clear!

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