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Location:Alabama where I am slowly rotting into a heap of pure nothingness.

Store: FuckTheMainstream.com
Color:Neon red because black is a hue not a colour.
Celeb: Stuart Townsend as Lestat de Lioncourt was hott.
Food: Sushi, crab rolls with wasabi sauce and eel
Music artist/group:Stromkern, Pride and Fall, Covenant, Seabound, Syrian, Echo Image, Icon of Coil, Juno Reactor, Haujobb, Apoptygma Berzerk, Lamb, Cyndi Lauper, Portishead, Infected Mushroom, Assemblage 23,Neurotic Fish,Cosmicity, Covenant, Vnv Nation, Ayria, Wolfsheim,De/vision,Mesh, Syrian, Glis, Massiv in Mensch.
Car: Lotus Elise
Vacation spot: Tokyo, Japan

Gay marriage: I honestly see nothing wrong with it. I have gay friends and I say live and let live they are human like everyone else.Why shouldn't they have the same rights like straight people?
War: I think it is pointless and stupid.
Eating Disorders: I have a deep interest in them I don't know why.But in a way think it is gross to starve your body like that.
Suicide: I have attempted it on several occasions but now looking back on my failed attempts I say why bother if you don't die the first time you are suppose to live for a reason don't waste your time trying anymore.


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